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There are times in life when you meet someone that truly inspires you; ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  John and Anna Garrido are two of these people. Together, they manage the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation (GSRF).   After spending full days at their 'day' jobs, Anna and John sacrifice a large portion of their free time managing the rescue foundation.  

John and Anna have saved hundreds of animals that have been lost, abandoned and/or abused through a network of relationships, friendships and social media channels. They have no facility or formal funding so they depend on "us" and great organizations like LeSaint, Niles Animal Hospital and individuals such as yourself to find homes for these animals.

So why mention John, Anna and GSRF?

First, I am amazed at their selfless nature, commitment to and love of these animals.  Second, we make an ongoing effort to expand our reach for this amazing cause, by going beyond our doors, reaching out to our network of vendors, customers and additional relationships to raise the bar even higher on ways we provide support to these pets.

To learn more about the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, visit them online at:  https://www.garridostrayrescue.org/

Thank you in advance for your generosity for this important --- and meaningful --- cause, 

Jeff Pennington, President
LeSaint Logistics

There are many easy ways to give.

Credit Card: 
Visit this LeSaint Facebook Link

Prefer Cash or Check?  
Contact Jodi Cape (jcape@lesaint.com) for details

Learn about more ways to give at: https://www.garridostrayrescue.org/donate