More than 40 customers and LeSaint management team members came together on July 24, 2018 to network, discuss the latest marketplace trends, and solve tough challenges facing today's logistics practitioners.  Tap into great information from the Forum presentations via the links below:

Learn more about the dynamic changes happening in the CPG/Retail industry from the keynote presentation delivered by the Cadent Consulting Group. (PDF, 6MB)

Learn more about how to position and optimize your brand and products using Amazon as a channel, from Quantum Networks. (PPT, 3MB)

Learn more about the factors driving today's tight capacity market in transportation, and what the future could hold, by Adelante SCM.  (PDF, 1.7MB)

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Did you know?

Industry estimates reveal that the ratio of available trucks to loads currently sits at 17:1.  What are you doing to combat today's tight capacity in transportation?  Get expert advice from LeSaint: